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Often on the way out the door you will hear the Frenchies saying  “on y va,” or “allons-y.” What exactly does this mean?

Quite Simply:

On y va? = Shall we go? (singular)
On y va! = Let’s go! (singular)

Allons-y! = Let’s go! (plural)

Allons-y? (plural)

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Photo Erica Berman

Written by Jen Holup

Technology can be, at the same time, a great aide and a great adversary to modern urban living.  Yet, rather than search for a generalized answer to this dense question, the most effective measure we can take is simply to ensure that we use technology critically and slowly in our everyday lives.

Since September, I have survived in the cosmopolitan city of Paris without a cell phone.  My initial reasons for eschewing the mobile were entirely economic.  On my previous trip to France three years ago, I estimate that I must have spent hundreds of Euros over a six-month period on prepaid mobile cards- it is difficult to acquire an affordable monthly plan for a short stay.  After passing my phone off to a fellow student (and warning him about the conscientious use of the prepaid cards), I began to consider the true worth of those six months of convenient pocket communication.  I asked myself what I had really used the cell phone for over that half year.  Rather than a tool to facilitate work, my cell phone existed solely for the convenience of text messaging and a few brief phone calls to arrange evening plans.  In this way, I realized that I felt I had needed my cell phone in order to stay in touch with my social network.  Each time I ventured to the kiosk with 50 Euros in my hand to buy myself 3 weeks more “what’s up?” textos, I must have been internally convincing myself that this purchase would ensure a continued connectedness to my friends.  But could I not have just as easily gotten by with a landline and the Internet? 


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Photo by Erica Berman

Parisian Market Shopping  – Genevieve Sandifer

Although supermarkets, big and small, abound in Paris, most natives make it a point to buy their fresh produce from the colorful, bustling Marchés that dot Parisian neighborhoods. Long considered the centers of city life, nothing beats the satisfaction of returning to your apartment with a cartful of fragrant produce and a head-full of neighborhood gossip. With that in mind, here are few tips for navigating the oft-intimidating foodie meccas…

•    It’s more than worth it to make it out early enough to snag the day’s freshest picks. Most produce markets open around 9 or 10, and you can bet the freshest fish will be gone by 11.

•    It’s a good idea to do a quick walk-through before you start purchasing in order to get familiar with the offerings. Most stands will appear indistinguishable – yards and yards of contiguous vegetable stands, for example – but each often has a loyal following for whatever it does best, so a little detective work can pay off.

•    Unless you have a particular meal in mind, feel free to ask the vendor what he recommends – you’ll find most are more than willing to chat and, if prompted, are happy to point you to the choicest picks. A little charm and you might even walk away with a couple extra shrimp!


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Extensive Blog on Paris and all that is going on in the city of Lights:

The Paris Blog

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pollyvousblogpixA wonderful Blog on Paris and France by An American with a love of Paris:

Polly Vous Français

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From classics like crêpes Suzette, tarte Tatin and ratatouille to more
modern dishes such as rocket mousselines, passion fruit verrines, and
pineapple carpaccio, La Recette du Jour celebrates French cuisine (with a
few traditional British dishes sneaking in to reveal the author’s
origin!). Most recipes are simple to do with the kitchen equipment you are
likely to find in a rented apartment or country cottage, and have been
tested using the stringent quality controls provided by French guests. So
you can take advantage of local produce to create your own home-cooked
French meals during your stay in France, and recreate dishes you’ve
enjoyed when you get back home.

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