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Text Erica Berman Photos – courtesy of Hidden Kitchen & Erica Berman

Hidden Kitchen private supper club in Paris

With no idea what to expect, and no expectations to fulfill, we were unexpectedly seduced and delighted by this underground Parisian dining extravaganza. Expertly run by a young American couple, the food has a fresh US slant not so common in France. In over 16 years of fooding in Paris I have experienced a lot of Paris’ culinary treats, and I can honestly say that this was one of the best meals I have had in the city of lights. (more…)


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Text Genevieve Sandifer

Paris Apartment rental Spotlight – Sleek Opulence in the Heart of Paris: This week on the HiP Blog we bring you an inside look into one of our favorite properties of the moment: our Rameau two-bedroom flat, located right smack in the mythical heart of Paris. The Louvre, Palais Royal, Tuileries Gardens and the Seine river are the backdrop for this exquisitely decorated pied-a-terre.  Designed by a fashionable French architect (more…)

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Thank God I'm a VIP

Text and photography by: Genevieve Sandifer

Although we all want to channel a little Coco Chanel/Edith Piaf/Laetitia Casta while wandering through St. Germain, the price points attached to the fashion dream can be more than a little dissuasive. Here to rescue the dream felled by “recessionitis”: Thank God I’m a VIP, a gem of a vintage store located just east of Pl. de la République in the up-and-coming 10th arrondissement.

Thank God I'm VIP

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Text – Erica Berman    Friday Feb 20, 2009

After many years of living Paris the beauty of the city is often lost behind the cloudy grey weather and daily train-train*.  Often I find I must make a concerted effort to find the time to take advantage of this beautiful city.

Yesterday, a sunny day, I decided to steal a few hours in town. First stop: the Passerelle de Solferino, a small bridge across the Seine from Musee D’Orsay to the Tuilerie gardens, to admire the spectacular view up and down the river Seine. (more…)

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hipluxepage2Same services, same amenities, drastically different budgets

Photo courtesy of Haven in Paris

Text by Genevieve Sandifer

When you think vacation, what first springs to mind? Finally getting a full night’s sleep in luxurious sheets, sleeping in ‘til noon, lifelong friendships that spring from random chance encounters in corner cafés, soaking in the sun without a care in the world… But as you surely well know, thanks to falling currencies and the pervasive doom-and-gloom attitude, everyone is being a little more careful about throwing money away for a little square of paradise. Staying in “budget” hotels, though, can often be worse than not getting away at all: questionable cleanliness, rude concierges, cigarette-tinged rooms, second-rate sheets and towels… you’d be better off at home.

We made a few calls, did a little research and put together a shortlist of the rates of some of Paris’ notable higher-end hotels, and compared them to how much you would spend for the same standards of luxury in a Haven in Paris property — to show you show you just how advantageous having your own home away from home can be. Click through for step-by-step price comparisons… (more…)

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Photo Erica Berman

Written by Jen Holup

Technology can be, at the same time, a great aide and a great adversary to modern urban living.  Yet, rather than search for a generalized answer to this dense question, the most effective measure we can take is simply to ensure that we use technology critically and slowly in our everyday lives.

Since September, I have survived in the cosmopolitan city of Paris without a cell phone.  My initial reasons for eschewing the mobile were entirely economic.  On my previous trip to France three years ago, I estimate that I must have spent hundreds of Euros over a six-month period on prepaid mobile cards- it is difficult to acquire an affordable monthly plan for a short stay.  After passing my phone off to a fellow student (and warning him about the conscientious use of the prepaid cards), I began to consider the true worth of those six months of convenient pocket communication.  I asked myself what I had really used the cell phone for over that half year.  Rather than a tool to facilitate work, my cell phone existed solely for the convenience of text messaging and a few brief phone calls to arrange evening plans.  In this way, I realized that I felt I had needed my cell phone in order to stay in touch with my social network.  Each time I ventured to the kiosk with 50 Euros in my hand to buy myself 3 weeks more “what’s up?” textos, I must have been internally convincing myself that this purchase would ensure a continued connectedness to my friends.  But could I not have just as easily gotten by with a landline and the Internet? 


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Welcome to the official blog of Haven in Paris! We are an American hospitality company specializing in short-term luxury apartment rentals in Paris, Provence, and Tuscany.

Our goal: to provide our clients with all of the comforts, space, amenities and privacy of home as well as all of the service, luxury and sophistication of a 4 star boutique hotel.

Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, staying in one of our beautiful flats will allow you to experience the City of Lights as real Parisians do. With this in mind, we’ve started this blog to provide our clients and friends with tips, links, stories, and other resources about living la vie parisienne. You’ll find both news articles and personal accounts that highlight our favorite places and activities, as well as suggestions for eating, drinking, shopping, visiting and relaxing around the French capital.

Here you will experience an insider’s view of Paris, straight from those who know it best. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a veteran Francophine, we hope you’ll find this blog a helpful and enlightening guide to the greatest city in the world.

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